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Modern Sales Booster for your Shopify Shop

Improve customer experience and drive more sales with our Conversion Boosting App for your online store, featuring Countdown Timer, Stock Countdown, Shipping Timer, Sold Counter, Payment Badges, Trust Badges, Promotion Bar.

Avyya Shopify Apps

Boost sales & conversion with the tools designed to persuade customers to buy your products, faster!

Avyya is a set of high-quality and high-performing widgets that can be directly embedded into your shop pages to help you instantly boost sales and conversion. Generate FOMO & a feeling of urgency with very easy-to-setup dynamic widgets like countdown timers, stock & shipping counters etc. to persuade visitors into buying quickly. Also, increasing confidence & trust in shop visitors with tools like Trust Badges and Payment Badges improves the conversion of the shop, thus boosting revenue.

Why Choose Avyya

Key value props:


Boost Sales & Conversion

Instil FOMO & feeling of urgency with countdown timers, stock & shipping counter etc. to persuade them into buying your products quickly.


A bundle of multiple apps that saves cost

- Countdown Timer
- Stock Countdown
- Shipping Timer
- Sold Counter
- Payment Badges
- Trust Badges
- Promotion Bar


Highly customizable widgets

Easily customize the complete look and feel of the widgets within the Shopify Editor itself. Make everything look seamless with your brand.


Support All themes

Supports both new Open Store 2 (OS2) themes as well as vintage themes.


Clean install

We never modify theme files: 1-click install, 1-click uninstall


Other's Criteria

- Very Fast and Speed tested
- All 5-star reviews
- One low and predictable monthly fee

Avyya Shopify Apps

Enjoy Our
Special Features

Avyya Shopify App which provides a set of simple yet effective widgets that can be directly embedded into your shop pages to help you instantly boost sales and conversion.

Countdown Timer

Create a sense of urgency and increase conversions with our Countdown Timer for your online store, set up flash sales, limited-time promotions and more to drive more sales.

Stock Countdown

Maximize your sales and increase customer urgency with our Stock Countdown for Shopify, keep your customers informed about stock availability and avoid disappointment.

Trust Badges

Elevate customer trust and increase conversions with our Trust Badges for your store, featuring a variety of trust-inspiring badges like secure checkout, money-back guarantee and more.

Promotion Bar

Promote your deals and discounts effectively with our Promotion Bar for your online store, easily showcase limited-time offers and boost conversions.

Shipping timer

Improve customer satisfaction and drive more sales with our shipping timer for your online store, providing accurate and real-time information about delivery and shipping times.

Sold Counter

Boost credibility and social proof with our Sold Counter for your online store, showcase the number of products sold and increase trust and urgency for potential buyers."

Payment Badges

Secure more sales and build customer trust with our Payment Icons for your online store, displaying a variety of well-known and secure payment options.

One bill, one low monthly fee.

You won’t just win more customers with Avyya. You’ll keep more money in your pocket, too. With 7 high quality plugins to choose from, scale your sales for a fraction of the cost.

See below how Avyya stacks up against running your store the hard way.

Other Apps

Billed as $700 per year
Feature :


Billed as $180 per year
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Customer Testimonials



This a very helpful app. the payment badges options are plenty. it helps to retain customer trust. recommend using the app.

Swann & Mia


Application vraiment utile, et le service client est top si ont a la moindre demande. Je recommande vraiment.



Its A good App Really Simple Easy To Use It, in 1 app there are many options and most important thing this is free app , recommended

Les Guidé


Great support and customer service! I had an question, that has been fully resolved by the Avyya Support team

Avyya Users

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Let's boost your sales together.

With one-click installation, very quick and easy setup,
get started with the app and see instant results.

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