Modern Sales Booster for your Shopify Shop

A Shopify App which provides a set of simple yet effective widgets that can be directly embedded into your shop pages to help you instantly boost sales and conversion.

⭐️ Countdown Timer
⭐️ Stock Countdown
⭐️ Shipping Timer
⭐️ Sold Counter

Modern Sales Booster for your Shopify Shop


Boost Sales & Conversion

Instil FOMO & feeling of urgency with countdown timers, stock & shipping counter etc. to persuade them into buying your products quickly.

Target the right niche

Full Control over who sees what with Customer Targeting and Product Targeting. Target the right visitors with the right products

Highly Customizable Widgets

Easily customize the complete look and feel of the widgets within the Shopify Editor itself. Make everything look seamless with your brand.

Make your shop look professional in minutes

Enhance your shop pages with very easy-to-setup dynamic widgets

Instill confidence in shop visitors

Instantly improve the conversion of the shop, thus boosting revenue

Countdown Timer

Show a countdown timer to any event: sales, special offer, lightning deal, etc.

Can be set to start from any future date, thereby enabling advance planning & hassle-free execution of the event

Customers are persuaded to click on your offer quickly if they don’t want to miss out on a special offer/deal.

Stock Countdown

Shows the product inventory left to the customer

Set conditions to show it only when inventory reaches below a certain level

Persuade the visitors to buy the product before it runs out of stock

Reduce the number of cart abandonment by the customers who want to buy a product but are still waiting

Sold Counter

Gain the instant trust of the customers by showing past sales of the products directly on the product page

Set multiple specified intervals (e.g. last 12 hours, last 30 days etc)

Show customers that the product is liked and bought by many people

Comes with an icon to grab users' attention

Shipping Timer

Show a countdown that tells customers about how much time they have to place an order to get the product in the stipulated time

Show an estimated delivery date (e.g. “Order within the next 1 hrs 12 mins for delivery by February 1”)

Instil a feeling of urgency

Persuade customers to accelerate the buying decision

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